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The Responsibilities of Citizenship

In a massive bombing campaign to end World War II Allied forces, led by the U.S., destroyed many German cities.  Many civilians were killed and even more were displaced, their lives destroyed or devastated.  The rationale was that, while not every German was a committed Nazi, Germany as a whole had voted the Nazis into power and bore responsibility as a society for fostering and then tolerating the horrible deeds done during their reign.

The other day I was reading yet more revelations about our government’s spying on others
, and was struck when I read about the accusations that we were listening in on the German Chancellor’s cell phone.  This came within weeks of having recently read similar accusations with regards to the leaders of Mexico and Brazil.  I remarked to my wife how crazy this all seemed to me.  Why, I wondered, would we be spying on our allies, and specifically their leaders’ phones?  Who was making these decisions to do so? 

Democracy is Messy

The current partial government shutdown has been criticized by nearly all, from the left to the right.  The notion of a small band of “Tea Party Loyalists” unwilling to sign off on the funding for Obamacare and holding the government budget process hostage has really infuriated many in the media and in the political world.  Here in NYC, after a few days, no one really seems to care anymore.  In fact, unbelievably, the picketing by supporters of Alex Rodriguez standing outside of the Park Avenue building that houses Major League Baseball headquarters, which is just outside of my window, seemed to be getting more attention last week.

Shaolin and the Individual Spirit

This past weekend my wife Marisol took me to the USA Shaolin Temple near Canal Street in NYC.  Her karate teacher from her Venezuelan childhood had recently recommended that she go there to study, saying that the head of that temple, Shifu Shin Yan Ming, was “The Real Deal.”  Coming from Marisol’s “Shihan” (which means “master”) this was high praise, as he himself is “The Real Deal” too.

I entered the temple to find that there was a class test being administered by Shin Yan Ming.

Signs of Hope

This week, on Tuesday, a friend forwarded to me an editorial printed in the New York Times entitled “When Wealth Disappears.”  The article is a clarion call for honesty and unmasks a reality of how the false promises made by politicians for many decades that can never be delivered upon has entrapped all of us, America and most other nations, into a terrible future of economic decline. 

This is indeed an excellent article and highly worth the read.   I must admit that I found it a bit shocking