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The Knockout Games

For those of you who haven’t yet heard of this horrible phenomenon, packs of young boys have taken to coming up alongside or behind unsuspecting victims and punching them with all their might in a game where they try to land a knockout blow.  This trend, which seems to have begun in NY recently, and has victimized an increasing number including elderly women and young children, has now according to news reports spread to other locales around the U.S. and has already taken the lives of three victims.

Listen and Learn

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a conference in Las Vegas entitled "Escape," that was organized by the Bisnow organization. Oftentimes I speak at conferences, but this time I passed on the invite to do so and decided I'd just listen and learn (and relax too).

He Didn't Know?

I was passing through the airport last week making a connection and stopped to see our President during a press conference explaining the situation with Obamacare.   I was awestruck to hear him claim that he was kept in the dark and was just as surprised as all of us when the rollout failed.  I immediately thought to myself that he must have been lying.  I mean here is a guy whose name is forever attached to this landmark re-working of our nation’s healthcare system, a massive system that represents one-sixth of the economy.

Most Never Notice

I was walking through Grand Central Terminal this morning, as I always do, passing from the subway to our offices.  Within the terminal’s main lobby area, which is a true work of art and is a privilege to behold each day, I passed by a massive man dressed in complete military attire which included thick bullet-proof vest and a powerful machine gun.  I know that I’ve seen this before during the past few years many times, but today it struck me differently and got me thinking how de-sensitized we all become over time…accepting things as normal that in recent past would have been inconceivable.