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He Didn't Know?

I was passing through the airport last week making a connection and stopped to see our President during a press conference explaining the situation with Obamacare.   I was awestruck to hear him claim that he was kept in the dark and was just as surprised as all of us when the rollout failed.  I immediately thought to myself that he must have been lying.  I mean here is a guy whose name is forever attached to this landmark re-working of our nation’s healthcare system, a massive system that represents one-sixth of the economy.
He had used so much political capital and had invested so much of his Presidency in this initiative.  How was it possible that he wasn’t on top of this personally? Given the import to him personally, and in the face of all of the negative and hostile emotions from so many in opposition to the bill, wouldn’t he have tested the system out himself, or at least looked over the shoulder of his lead tech people for a personal demo?  This all seemed preposterous to me.

Then I heard the President say something to the effect of: “Do you think I’d be so stupid to have stated in the days and weeks before the rollout how confident I was about the functionality of the system if I had known it wouldn’t work?”

Wow!  I thought he was a liar, but after hearing this I began thinking he might really have been in the dark and clueless, which is pretty depressing either way since he is our President.  He was emphatically saying that he didn’t know, and seemed oblivious to what that really meant.  Did he not realize that he had abdicated his responsibility as a leader by not getting more involved in something this important? Does he understand how small he looks when he blames others? As I thought more about it I began to wish he were lying!

And, QE continues with no end in sight and the pretense that there will be no ill effects of this wild experiment with monetary policy, Assad is killing with impunity and re-gaining his power in Syria (but not using chemical weapons at least), Iran continues to promise they only want nukes for domestic energy purposes and our administration seems eager to take them at their word, and Europe is back in recession.  What a mess!

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