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Listen and Learn

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a conference in Las Vegas entitled "Escape," that was organized by the Bisnow organization. Oftentimes I speak at conferences, but this time I passed on the invite to do so and decided I'd just listen and learn (and relax too).
This proved to be an outstanding decision as I got to listen and learn from some truly outstanding people, among them most noteworthy were a couple of very young entrepreneurs who had launched exciting new businesses related to the real estate industry. One of these individuals has launched a company called Wework, which provides shared office space (and soon to be living space too) aimed at the interestingly new tastes of youth. The second has launched a crowdfunding space dedicated to raising capital for real estate deals called  Both of these entrepreneurs were super impressive and I believe have business models that can grow quite large and become important businesses.

It seems to me that we are at an interesting crossroads in the world, as young people, including those who run Bisnow and who curated and organized a very special conference experience, are emerging with new ideas and new ways of doing things. For those of us older than 40 it would behoove us to lean on our "listen and learn" skills so as not to be left behind by what seems to be one of those once-in-50 years generational shift.  Spend time with young people and ask them about their dreams and desires. My guess is that you will find it both informative and stimulating. The world is ready for some creative destruction and I believe this generation is up for the challenge. We may be facing some real societal headwinds, but having met and listened to some upcoming leaders of tomorrow I have renewed excitement and faith that a very great future lies in store.

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