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Enough Is Enough

I was sitting in Spain watching CNN after dinner last week and saw a British host interview first the head of foreign affairs for Hamas and then the head of intelligence for Israel.  He asked the Hamas man if Hamas was responsible for the killing of the three Jewish boys who had been abducted and found dead among a pile of rocks after a two-week search for them.  He also asked the Hamas man if he would condemn their killing as reprehensible.  The answer he got was that Hamas had no information as to whether they were responsible, and in any case it was up to Netanyahu (Israel’s President) to prove his accusations that they were.  The host asked the question again and got the exact same tricky response.  Then, asking it a third time he focused on the part of the question regarding condemnation, saying that whether Hamas was responsible or not could he, as the head of foreign affairs condemn the killing of these three innocent Israeli students.  Shockingly, he ignored that focused question and idiotically repeated his moronic reply that Hamas didn’t have any information and didn’t know if they were responsible and that Netanyahu, who had made the accusation, was the one responsible for showing his proof.  The host then asked the Hamas man if he could foresee Hamas ever recognizing a legitimate Jewish state and modifying their charter that called for the destruction of Israel.  He dodged that question too and replied that the Hamas policy towards Israel was not any different than the one the U.S. had towards Cuba, which it does not recognize.

I actually couldn’t believe my ears.  There it was, for the world to see as clearly as black is black and white is white.  It would have been so easy for him to deny responsibility and say that he condemned the innocent loss of life and move on.  Regardless of whether it was true or not this would have clearly been an answer that would have appeased the interviewer as well as the billions of viewers in the world who are very sympathetic, and in certain ways understandably so, to the plight of the Palestinian people.  I found it amazing and so telling that he could not take that easy out path.  For me, this spoke volumes.  He was saying, without actually using the words, that Hamas was proud of the killings of these 3 students and that there were important factions within their constituency that would view a denial of their culpability, as well as a condemnation of the killings as a sign of weakness.

Next, the host began to grill the Israeli official, clearly attempting to create a parallel perspective – that there is equal blame on both the Israeli and Palestinian sides – which is so fashionable these days in the world.  The Israeli immediately repudiated this by saying that he both personally and on behalf of the Israeli government condemned all killings, whether it was the killing of an Israeli or a Palestinian innocent.  Further, he pointed out that every single government official and media outlet in Israel immediately condemned the killing of the Palestinian boy, and that the perpretrators of the killing were in the process of being punished for murder.  He would not allow this argument of parallel blame be fomented any longer, and it was clear from this interview alone that it is an argument that the world should abandon once and for all.

We live in a world that punishes Israel and with many, if not most people and nations seeking to ostracize Israel as a racist or apartheid state.  This majority of people continue to ignore the basic facts –terrible people who have no regard at all for human life have hijacked Palestinian society.  There is no balance here.  There is a right and a wrong and the world needs to speak clearly about this.  Pretending otherwise has allowed bad people to destroy the lives of many already, and in this case mostly Arabs, and surely sews very bad seeds that will ultimately come back to bite all of us in the ass one day.

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