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The Desire For Certainty

It has always struck me that the one thing that we cannot have – certainty – is the one thing that we crave above all else.  I believe that it is this misguided and intense desire for something that is completely out of our reach as human beings that contributes much to our levels of unhappiness and frequency of our poor choices.

Lose Our Number

The world is chaotic.  Many blame our President, but that is a bit much even for me.  Sure, he’s made many, if not every mistake.  But it wasn’t he, nor America for that matter that brought about the realities that many nations around the world now have to deal with.  Syrian people have had a highly dysfunctional political situation for a very, very long time.  The same is true in Iraq.  Russia elected Putin – numerous times.  Iran has been a mess for at least 35 years.  The Palestinian/Israeli conflict is surely not new.  Europe’s ridiculous socialist policies, which have been going on for many decades (or centuries) are finally coming home to roost financially.  China’s challenges, and Japan’s, and Latin America’s are also of their own making.  Have we helped make these places worse because of our own dumb foreign policy moves?  For sure.


Reckoning is an important word.  It implies an ultimate justice or reconciliation.  All observers of life, and perhaps especially the financial markets, understand that justice or reconciliation can be postponed, and often for a very long time indeed.  However, it cannot be put off forever.  Every borrowings must ultimately be repaid, or if not cause negative consequences.

The financial joys of the past five years, such as they were, have been mostly enjoyed by a small minority.  The buoyancy of the U.S stock market has created the illusion of prosperity.  The ultra low yield environment has allowed governments around the world to finance their upside-down balance sheets without too much pain.  Even Spain can borrow long term near 2%, for God’s sake!  No one with any sense of history or financial understanding could imagine that this situation is sustainable.  Only politicians and their wishful-thinking followers, along with the either sycophantic or terribly cynical financial news c…

Let Who’s Never Erred Cast the First Stone

Last week in San Diego I had the privilege of introducing Lance Armstrong to Fitwall, which is a business that I helped launch two years ago centered around a terrific and revolutionary exercise product and program.  Lance and I have had a few connections in the past inasmuch as we share some mutual friendships, but we really didn’t know one another.  Like most people, I’ve admired Lance for quite some time.  His athletic accomplishments are legendary, of course, and they are much deeper and older than most people know.  My wife remembers a 15-year-old Lance showing up in Venezuela to compete in a significant triathlon there, where she was one of the top female competitors – and he won!  It turns out that Lance was a world-class triathlete before he turned his focus exclusively to cycling (and before there was any possible connection to performance enhancing drugs).  I also have a deep admiration for Lance’s will as was displayed by his personal fight with cancer.  Maybe most impress…