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Let Google Do It

As I drove my daughter this weekend to her swim meet in Santa Clarita, California, I came to appreciate Google as never before.  I had never been to that town before and in the old days would have had to have directions written down on a piece of paper so I could follow them to the destination.  If, as occurred this weekend, 3 of the four lanes on Highway 5 were inexplicably closed on both Saturday and Sunday mornings I would have sat in traffic for a long time and would have been late.  Now, thanks to Google Maps, I was forewarned of the traffic delay and given an alternate route that delayed me no more than 5 minutes from the original path.  I found myself pondering Google’s greatness for much of the weekend. 


Words get coopted and their meanings distorted.  I’ve always been vexed by the words “liberal” and “conservative.”  It has always seemed to me that “liberal” had its roots in “freedom” and “conservative” had its roots in the “conserve” or “save.”  Of course, we all know that both of these words have now taken on mostly political overtones.  “Liberal,” according to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary now means, among other definitions, “believing that government should be active in supporting social and political change.”  It’s amazing to me how that definition came to be, as it seems so far from the word’s root.  This dictionary also lists a few other definitions, including: “not opposed to new ideas or ways of behaving that are not traditional or widely accepted,” as well as; “of or befitting a man of free birth,” which it labels as being archaic, and; “lacking moral restraint,” which it labels as being obsolete.  When I think about the political world, I’m not so sure about this definitio…

We’re All Dying – Let’s Be Nice

The world is filled with extraordinary people, and I think we regularly pass by many without taking the time to discover them.  This week I was so fortunate to have met one.  Her name is Stefanie and we met in a business meeting that a mutual friend had arranged for each us with an investor friend of his.  Neither Stefanie nor I knew what either of us was there for other than that we both shared a common friend, who himself is rather uncommon and special.

Krugman is (almost) Never Right

I never imagined I would agree with Paul Krugman, but as in most cases where I've used the word "never" the moment of truth has arrived. In a recent NY Times piece he advocated for government spending on infrastructure, and I cannot disagree. Borrowing rates are ludicrously low so now is the time to borrow long term to finance needed projects that will serve as the foundation for our nation to move forward as a first world country.