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Reflections of Memory Lane

Last week I had a couple of separate walks down that proverbial “Memory Lane.”  We just moved into our new home and sorting through lots of stuff I came across a copy of a great memento from my past.  It was a compilation video that we had put together at Nomura/CCA in the latter years to show to new hires who had not been there in the formative years in order to give them a sense of our corporate culture.  I decided it would be fun to watch this with my son Daniel, who was only a very young boy at that time and couldn’t have fully understood what was going on.  We sat and watched the 20ish minute video and, while it was great fun to remember those moments and to share them Daniel, I couldn’t help but feel as though I was watching someone other than me, or some ancient barely recognizable version from a past lifetime.

A few days later I was up in the Bay Area and took Daniel, who’s living there, for a tour of some of the spots where I had lived with his mom when we were very young.  We drove by our first apartment where his mom and I lived while engaged when I was a young man of 23, the surrounding neighborhood, the hospital where his mom studied medicine and where he was born.  I let my mind drift back to the person I was then, and my dreams and fears.  It was an amazing exercise.  I reflected on ho my life has turned out so entirely different than I could have ever imagined back then, and again felt like that young man was a different person than me, similar in many ways but so very different.  I also felt as though that time was like a different lifetime.

These two experiences, coming so close to one another, both left me to ponder about life’s trajectory – how strange the journey is and how wonderfully unpredictable things are.  It reminds me of the  saying that “man plans and God laughs.”

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