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Win-Win Leadership

What kind of a company do you work for or run?  Is it the kind that seeks to enhance its bottom line at the expense of its employees or by inspiring them to be their best and to be more productive?


In my career I’ve worked for numerous companies and bosses and have experienced both.  I’ll never forget one of my bosses asking a group of his leading direct reports into his conference room just before the year-end bonuses were to be announced.  He asked us to reach into our wallets and pull out one of our business cards.  He then had us examine those cards and told us that the single most important name on that card was not our names but the name of the company.  I knew two things at that moment:  I was going to get royally screwed on my bonus and I was going to leave that company.  I also knew that a company with that attitude towards its people, especially its top producers, many of whom were sitting in that room, was doomed to ultimately pay a big price until its leadership changed.  This was in fact the case for this particular company.


There are way too many companies and executives who are mired in the win-lose mentality.  Working there can never be a very rewarding experience, and ultimately those with skills and thus options will move on, thus relegating the win-lose mentality companies to being poor performers.  On the other hand, working at a company with inspired leadership where the individual and his/her contribution is valued properlyinspires greater effort and greater productivity which will move those companies into the virtuous cycle of success.  


My New Year’s wish for all is that we always can be a part of this kind of company.

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