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Donald Trump, Civilian

I have watched our political class inflict much harm upon our society and, like many, have become quite cynical about the prospect of positive change.  Then, out of the blue, a surprise occurs - a gift of sorts.   That gift is the candidacy of one Donald Trump for President.  For this I believe that we all owe Mr. Trump a gigantic debt of gratitude that we can best repay by at the very least remaining open minded and encouraging others to do the same, and even better still to become a passionate supporter.

The Responsibility of Government

Readers of my works know I lean libertarian and believe deeply in the value of the free market (not just the financial but in every manner of life).  So, it is always a bit challenging for me to acknowledge that there is a role for government beyond the original and limited role laid out in our Constitution.  The basic notion of government, of needing to have a group of people dictate terms to the masses, implies many things that I am basically uncomfortable with including the notion that people left to their own design without any rules or oversight would screw it up pretty badly and learn very little from the experience.  The basic premises upon which my libertarian leanings stem from include a belief that people left to their own devices, along with the influence of the discipline imposed by others, would self-govern pretty well and that whatever poor outcomes that might arise from such freedom would be worthwhile as lessons would be learned and society would advance.  Recently, ho…


One day recently on the way to school my six year old son Everest asked me if he was Jewish, to which I replied yes.  He then asked me what it meant to be Jewish, which was a hard one.  I thought to myself quickly what my answer was and how to distill it in words that a 6 year old could understand.  I told him that Jews love God, they love and respect their parents, they always treat others with respect, and they observe the Sabbath and enjoy eating Challah (the delicious egg-bread that is traditionally eaten on the Sabbath).  He considered this then reflected that he is surely Jewish, but then shared this wonderful insight – “Isn’t everyone Jewish then, Daddy, except really bad people?”  He really got me there.  I told him that he’s basically right but that other people call themselves by different names – Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc.  They all share the same things with us Jews, but refer to themselves differently and have different traditions.