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One Minus Three Is Always A Negative Number

There is basic math that politicians tend to habitually ignore.  As most people who manage their household finance know, budgetary math is actually quite simple.  If you spend more than you take in, you incur a debt.  If one day there is promise that you’ll earn more than you spend, then that future surplus can go to repay your debt.  If that promise does not really exist, you will surely default.  If, in default, there is collateral that the lender can grab through foreclosure and the collateral is enough to repay the debt, the lender can come out ok but the borrower not so much. 

Rapists and Drug Dealers? Really?

My last piece was supportive of Donald Trump’s Presidential candidacy.  Since then the brouhaha around one of his typically bombastic utterings, this one regarding the character of illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican-American border along with other comments related to US-Mexico trade relations, has grown daily. Though I would prefer to not comment as too much attention has already been diverted from the Kardashian family, I feel as though I must.

It is inconceivable that anyone would not condemn Trump’s comments.  By painting a large group of people with one common brush – illegals are mostly criminals – he has done what most racists do, and this is absolutely not right.  Further, he has completely twisted, or at best misunderstood the statistics that he quotes to support his position.  When he says that upwards of 80% of the women who cross the border illegally are raped, this doesn’t at all support his claim but instead reinforces what most already know – crossing the border i…