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Deez Nuts

About a week ago a young high school student in Iowa filed an application to run for President under the name “Deez Nuts.”  In a poll taken in North Carolina 9% of the respondents preferred him to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.  In Minnesota his number was 7%, and in Iowa it was 8%.  What this tells us is that people, especially youth, where Mr. Nuts polled the best, are completely fed up with the quagmire that the two-party system has led us into.  His supporters intuitively know that Mr. Nuts would not kowtow to special interest, would not sell out students to buy the support of the teachers unions, would not stack the deck at the FDA in favor of big Agriculture or big Pharma.  They have a sense that Mr. Nuts would find a balance between the dreams of future generations who will need to enjoy a healthy planet with clean air and water, with the economic realities of the current generation.   His supporters certainly expect that Mr. Nuts would find a healthy middle ground in the iss…

Does Greece Really Need More Greeks?

It is commonly accepted among most economists that what ails the developed world today is too little procreation.  The thinking goes that in order for a generation to retire it must create at least as many offspring who would support them in their retirement.  Those who adhere to this belief point to the very low reproductive rates in places like Japan and Western Europe and foresee a long and slippery slide to economic disaster, where there won’t be enough in taxes paid by a shrinking population to support the retiring generation.

Take Care Of Each Other

I was recently in New York City for a day with my wife and we headed below ground to hop a subway since it is the fastest way to move around.  We got into the subway car and sat down and I noticed two young men with drums.  My immediate reaction, voiced to my wife was a version of:  “Shit, my bad luck to now be trapped in a subway car and forced to listen to crappy music and then get hit up for a donation to boot.”  She chastised me, telling me that my negative attitude was totally unwarranted and that the music would probably be great.  As the doors shut and the music began I was very pleasantly surprised.  The drummers were indeed excellent, and their rhythm was soothing, changing my mood from a “New York state of mind” - hostile, aggressive, and on edge - to peaceful and calm.  As the doors opened and passengers filed out I happily gave my donation, grateful for the mood transformation that I experienced.  I of course was reflecting upon how foolish I was to prejudge things with su…