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Deez Nuts

About a week ago a young high school student in Iowa filed an application to run for President under the name “Deez Nuts.”  In a poll taken in North Carolina 9% of the respondents preferred him to Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.  In Minnesota his number was 7%, and in Iowa it was 8%.  What this tells us is that people, especially youth, where Mr. Nuts polled the best, are completely fed up with the quagmire that the two-party system has led us into.  His supporters intuitively know that Mr. Nuts would not kowtow to special interest, would not sell out students to buy the support of the teachers unions, would not stack the deck at the FDA in favor of big Agriculture or big Pharma.  They have a sense that Mr. Nuts would find a balance between the dreams of future generations who will need to enjoy a healthy planet with clean air and water, with the economic realities of the current generation.   His supporters certainly expect that Mr. Nuts would find a healthy middle ground in the issue of police brutality towards minorities and others – realizing that society requires protection from the predators in its midst but that some of those that are attracted to a profession that conveys power and arms upon them are not always the right ones to be entrusted with the same.  His followers probably expect that when negotiating with those nations who have a history of hostility towards the world that Mr. Nuts wouldn’t just trust them to suddenly behave honorably – that he would insist on the Reagan doctrine of Trust but verify.”  
And, those who favor Mr. Nuts surely sense that he’s a man who wouldn’t take himself too seriously, wouldn’t pretend to be omniscient and would probably take input with great humility from experts in fields ranging from military to science.  With Mr. Nuts we would likely get a normal human being who would laugh with us or even at us, but would do so in our midst rather than behind closed doors.  He wouldn’t treat us like idiots by continually lying right to our faces.  Instead he would more likely just tell us that we’re idiots straight away.  

Godspeed to you, Mr. Deez Nuts.

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