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The Value of a Single Day

As the year-end approaches we are all bound to become a bit more reflective and philosophical – me too.  Not too long ago my wife and I went to Kona, Hawaii to support a friend named Cameron who was competing in the Hawaiian Ironman.  It was a special day, but of course any day in Hawaii is bound to be pretty special.  Our friend did well, but was restricted in his ability to run given that he was still recovering from a recent foot injury.

What Have You (Ever) Learned?

In the world of politics when someone changes his mind and takes the flip opposite position on an issue to one that he had embraced previously, the public reaction is often one of scorn and derision.  The term “flip-flop” is one that is used to describe this act of changing ones mind.   By scorning those who voice a change of mind aren’t we inadvertently extolling the virtues of closed-mindedness?