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The Value of a Single Day

As the year-end approaches we are all bound to become a bit more reflective and philosophical – me too.  Not too long ago my wife and I went to Kona, Hawaii to support a friend named Cameron who was competing in the Hawaiian Ironman.  It was a special day, but of course any day in Hawaii is bound to be pretty special.  Our friend did well, but was restricted in his ability to run given that he was still recovering from a recent foot injury.

That evening we went to dinner, and he reflected as to how much could be accomplished in a single day, with the unspoken but implied observation that we all seem to squander days, and the myriad of opportunities to accomplish tremendous things.  Indeed, finishing the Hawaiian Ironman triathlon is a major accomplishment, and that day he could be quite proud of how he had invested his time.  For my wife and me, we felt the same.  We had worked out that day, had been there in support of a dear friend, and also watched more than 2,000 finishers display a level of courage that outside of a war battlefield is very hard to witness – and this was a great and inspiring experience for us.

I continue to ponder the insight that my friend had that evening – “It is amazing how much can be accomplished in a single day” – and I find it inspiring daily, moving me to a level of effort, awareness, and accountability that I previously had not achieved.  I hope that message is of meaning to you all during this holiday season.  Wishing you all a great holiday and marvelous 2016

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