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The Price for Caring About What Others Think of You

As the father of five who cares deeply about my kids I spend a great deal of energy and thought on how to best raise them and set them up for a great life.  One recurring theme, especially with the younger ones, is trying to get them to have the strength of their convictions to be and to act according to their own desires without caving to peer pressure.  I explain to them that they each have a journey that is unique, and that life is about discovering that journey, learning the particular lessons that life has in store for them, and honing themselves as individuals.

Traffic Is A Disaster

If you needed proof that our political leaders are out of touch and ineffective you need not look beyond the single issue of traffic.  I now live in Los Angeles, which is world-famous for its traffic problems.  But I’ve lived in other urban places and I travel often and actually find that the traffic in LA is not much different or worse, and in some instances even better, than in most other cities.  Yet, having said that, traffic in LA is not great, and way too much time is wasted by its inhabitants sitting in their cars in a physically suboptimal state, away from their loved ones, and not producing anything much.