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The Self-Correcting Nature Of The World

I see the world as being a pretty good feedback loop, which has a natural self-correcting nature to it. When economies slack and companies diminish their ambitions, investing less in growth and expansion, their demand for capital shrinks, which naturally translates into lower rates and even reduced lending standards as lenders seek to induce borrowing.  The same happens in housing.  If borrowers get nervous about the stability of their jobs, or the prospects of getting raises at work they are less likely to look to buy a home.  This reduced demand for housing and for debt capital will inevitably lead to lower home prices and lower mortgage rates, and even reduced lending standards in order to induce borrowing.  Inevitably, this natural process will succeed in stimulating a natural recovery, as borrowing will commence anew and a new cycle of growth will have been launched. There would be no need for artificial stimulus or intervention.  The market will have healed itself.

Civility Is The Heart Of A Civilization

I couldn’t really believe my eyes when I read that the New York City council was considering de-criminalizing or reducing the penalties for urinating and masturbation (yes, you read that right) in public.  The argument presented by the imbecile council member proposing this is that the law is racist in that it is mostly African-Americans do these things.  Let me remind my readers here, I am the father of an African-American boy, and the husband of a Latina, and the child of European Jews who made it to America to flee the persecution of deep discrimination.  So, the last thing you’ll get from me is discrimination towards anyone.