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Civility Is The Heart Of A Civilization

I couldn’t really believe my eyes when I read that the New York City council was considering de-criminalizing or reducing the penalties for urinating and masturbation (yes, you read that right) in public.  The argument presented by the imbecile council member proposing this is that the law is racist in that it is mostly African-Americans do these things.  Let me remind my readers here, I am the father of an African-American boy, and the husband of a Latina, and the child of European Jews who made it to America to flee the persecution of deep discrimination.  So, the last thing you’ll get from me is discrimination towards anyone.

It is just this sort of idiotic singling out of African-Americans as the prime perpetrators that is the very height of discrimination!  Does the moron who proposed this stupidity believe that African-Americans as a group are barbarians who are so out of control that they just cannot adhere to the most basic requirements of decency??  As the father of an African-American and the friend of many I am enraged by this presumption.  I’m amazed that the African-American community, and if fact all decent people in NYC didn’t respond very strongly to these insinuations.  Maybe a march to City Hall for group urination would have communicated the obscenity of the proposal in a very pointed way.

A society cannot accept public urination or masturbation.  There is no excuse, and this intolerance has absolutely nothing to do with racism.  Confusing the issue of decency with racial stereotyping is repulsive and should be condemned.  The rationale that links repulsive practices to a race is itself intolerable and must be condemned.   A healthy and strong society must be committed to a level of civility from which it won’t waiver.  The “Golden Rule” of respecting others and treating them as we’d wish to be treated is really not a hard one to adhere to.  Leadership involves setting the proper standard and having the proper punishments in place to serve as an appropriate deterrent for those who might consider straying from them.

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