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Intellectual Curiosity

There is scant intellectual curiosity in the world today, and a commensurate low level of aspiration to greatness and true value creation. This is among the most consistently surprising and disappointing observations I have had during my life walkabout.  For the past few decades I’ve suffered knee problems and have had numerous surgeries, which have led me to visit with some of the leading knee surgeons on both coasts.  It has been amazing to me that none of those with whom I met displayed even the slightest interest in understanding the root cause of knee problems, instead focusing on the simple issue of whether or not a particular ailment warranted surgery.  In the times when my situation did not I was simply sent on my merry way and told to come back if/when I was ready for surgery. The same can be said for most doctors, who seem content to treat ailments rather than understanding and counseling their patients on prevention and healthy living.

The Lessons of Alzheimer’s - History Versus Happiness

One of my sisters-in-law forwarded me a very long YouTube video that laid out a version of the history of how the current Israel/Palestinian problem began, tracing it back to the origins of Zionism and how, after much persecution, the European Jews craved for a homeland.  Knowing that I’m Jewish and assuming that I have an interest in this topic she wanted to get my take on it.  I dutifully watched (most of) of the video and admittedly felt mixed feelings, as anyone would or probably should when reviewing the history of two groups of people that has now led to what seems like intractable conflict.