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Apple Was Steve Jobs

I recently read with a chuckle that Apple was making a $1B investment in a Chinese company that is a version of Uber in China.  For a while now I’ve been saying that it is odd that a technology company, that is dependent upon constantly being cool and hip and relevant, is the most highly valued company on earth.  By definition, what is hip and cool must always change, and what was once hip and cool is absolutely guaranteed to not be that forever.  That is the nature of “hip and cool.”

Fintech & Lending

The past decade has given birth to numerous new companies promising to combine technology and finance to revolutionize the lending business.  There has been much enthusiasm for these companies in the investor world – from Silicon Valley to the public stock markets – and for the new industry they’re a part of which has been labeled “Fintech.”  The success that these companies seek is premised upon certain foundational beliefs and observations, some of them valid and others perhaps not so much.

Citizenship - Parental Responsibility & Propaganda

As the immigration issue has become a central part of the nation’s consciousness this presidential election year, like many of you, I’ve given it more thought than ever before.  There seems to me to be a number of serious misconceptions and disconnects.