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Citizenship - Parental Responsibility & Propaganda

As the immigration issue has become a central part of the nation’s consciousness this presidential election year, like many of you, I’ve given it more thought than ever before.  There seems to me to be a number of serious misconceptions and disconnects.

The first, and in my mind the more important, has to do with the question of whether a nation can or should deport parents who came illegally but whose children are citizens by virtue of having been born on U.S. soil.  To me, this is a false question, and misses the real issue entirely.  Of course, a civilized nation cannot separate parents from them children, and I’m 100% certain that the U.S. will not do so regardless of who is elected its president.  The mistake that has led to this issue even being raised is the granting of citizenship to newborns that differs from that of their parents.  This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, in that it cuts the ties that children have with their parents, and moves the responsibility to raise and care for those kids away from the parents and their homeland, and unfairly onto the citizens of a foreign nation.  It is very clear to me that a child at birth must have citizenship that is consistent with that of their parents, and ties to the nation to which their parents pay their taxes, and where they have a right to expect the support of that nation for their family.  I would recommend making this very simple modification to our laws going forward, and just admitting our past mistake and acting in a humanitarian manner by grandfathering those born under the current misguided law.

The other main disconnect that I cannot quite understand is the notion that taking a stance opposed to illegal immigration is construed as being racist, and specifically anti-Latino.  I’m sure there are racists and those who are anti-Latino who are against both illegal and legal immigration.  However, simply being opposed to illegal immigration does not qualify one for inclusion into these groups.  In fact, it is most logical for the Latino’s who are here legally to be the most strongly opposed to illegal immigration.  These are people who have played by the rules, gained their citizenship in a legal manner, work legally, and pay their taxes.  It is often their jobs that are threatened by the allure to employers of the non-taxpaying, no-benefits, and thus lower wage-earning illegal immigrants.  The Democratic party’s propaganda machine has done a wonderful job of portraying those opposed to illegal immigration as being anti-Latino and racist, and has thus gained a group of devoted voters comprised of those who are justifiably offended by these sorts of people but who have been seriously misled.  Wake up people.

Unique in the world, the U.S. is a nation of laws that are (generally) respected and followed, and that when combined with our commitment to individual freedoms and the celebration of the individual spirit lead to wonderful opportunities for all.  It is for this reason that immigrants flee other countries and seek to gain citizenship here.  It would make no sense, to them or to anyone, for their entry into our country to be in direct violation of the promise of safety under the law.  Let’s fix the laws, but let’s not have them in place and then ignore them.  This only degrades us all.

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