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The Misdirecting Media

I’ve been a lifelong Minnesota Vikings fan, which has meant dealing with a ton of frustration. Last week, after dominating the New Orleans Saints for most of the game the team fell apart in the final quarter, and with only 25 seconds remaining were losing by a point and seemed doomed to add to the five-decade history of sadness for Vikings fans.  But a miracle occurred and the Vikings quarterback, unheralded Case Keenum, led them on a remarkable drive that culminated in a 61-yard touchdown pass as the game ended.

Diffusing the Pressure

Too many Americans are living stressful lives, with no savings and thus no safety net if they hit a bump in the road. I’ve read estimates that fully 70% have savings of less than $1,000.  While it is true that certain key economic statistics have improved in the past year, too many Americans still count on food stamps for their survival and too many are not employed or have been left behind in the move to technology-driven economy. And, while consumer spending has increased of late, which has created the sense of economic health, of concern should be that credit card debt levels are at all-time highs.